Friday, February 1, 2013

Ecuador, Again!

Hard to believe, but I'm off to Ecuador again. This time for a guided tour with Tropical Birding. For details, visit my Ecuador blog. I will try to post regularly, but given limited access to the internet, will update when I return. This should be a blast...three birdign friends from the UK and a guide...what surprises await?

Note to self...must write the daily blog notes for my October 2011 trip to Ecuador.

Today I was in regulatory meetings all day. Amidst the meeting (i.e., lunch break, travel to and from) I was able to pick up a couple good year birds...Rough-legged Hawk and Snow Goose. Also saw Trumpeter Swan, Northern Harrier, lots of Bald Eagles, several Red-tailed Hawks, and a Cooper's Hawk. Pacific Wrens are now singing, and Red-winged Blackbirds are establishing territories and defending them vigorously.

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